Dan Campbell proud of 'pitbull' rookie CB Jerry Jacobs


Very cool… I know he got beat a couple times too… but all in all he’s been really playing well. Nice to see him develop so quickly


He’s been very good for a UDFA. All of the UDFA DBs have been pretty impressive for what they are.


They have… AJ Parker was doing well too. Nice to see that kind of development at one of the more expensive positions… wish we could’ve seen Okudah develop this year.


I said it in another thread, Jacobs has impressed me. The fact that they are keeping him at 90% plus snap count…. While bringing Iffy along slowly says a lot. This kid has earned it. Parker was ok, I wasn’t as impressed with him. But Jacobs? I think that found something with him.


This could turn out really well.

Parker was just converted from safety this offseason… and has the physical tools to make it at CB.

Iffy was looking pretty good before his injury.

AO has shown significant improvement and is generating TOs.

Jacobs is looking like a solid starter already… and is still young enough to think more improvement is possible.

That’s 4 CBs that might all be on the rise still.

If Okudah’s Achilles heals well… he might be able to join that group or move to safety. Achilles recoveries are improved in recent years… so he may have a chance at a decent career.


The converted S was Bobby Price, not Parker.

CAREER: A career 33-game starter at defensive back who played both nickelback and cornerback throughout his career.


yep… bit of oversight there… in several ways.

That makes 5 guys who have room for growth… without even counting on Okudah.

The CB depth chart is not proven… but I think there is potential for a really solid group there… which is a big change in how I viewed it as little as 6 months ago.


I remember being jealous of Kansas City last year for getting a solid player, Snead, late in the draft…

Take that KC!

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· Dec 1

Jerry Jacobs has allowed only ONE catch for a TD this season! Fire


And that is a very encouraging sign for B. Holmes finding undrafted players with talent and of the coaching development work from Pleasant and AG. We add some pass rushers and the Lions are gonna have a decent defense before long.


Brad Holmes knows how to evaluate CBs. It’s his specialty.

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Jacobs might end up being one of the best rookies from this class.

Out with knee injury :frowning:

If I hadn’t seen the DC Aaron Glenn I would have thought that was a MP comment lol

Harrison is within 3 yards of him. That’s tight coverage on a sliding scale…

That was supposed to be on the game thread. Dumb me.