Dan Campbell Rips NFL Draft Critics

Love it.


Campbell credited a lot of LaPorta’s success to his attitude and endless work ethic.

“When you watch him in meetings, watch him out at practice, the walkthrough the way he works he reminds me of (Amon-Ra) St. Brown in that manner,” Campbell said. “Very much the same way just how he goes about it, and he is highly competitive, he gets in games like this and he shows up now. He’s got this competitive edge


Not exactly “ripping” the critics, but a nice shut the #@%$! up.

There was plenty of criticism on this board. Running Backs are only as good as their first contract these days. If you want a great one, you have to draft them.

About time the Lions got the TE spot right. The coach knows the position.

They took a lot of criticism for the Gibbs and Campbell picks. LaPorta not so much.

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