Dan Campbell Shares Why TE Brock Wright Is 'Unsung Hero'


That TD against the Jets was unreal. Big boy showed some wheels.


I have never understood why they like him enough for the contract he got, and nothing Dan said changes that. A PFF grade of 45.6 last year and if I’m running a 12 package I would much rather have Skipper out there. He plays about half the special teams snaps so there’s that, he had under 100 yards receiving last year and 1 TD.

I’ll take Dans grade of a lions player any day of the week over PFF. Lions will let players go if they don’t think they are worth it, obviously they really like Brock.


I will say this on this topic.
I tend to dislike a post like yours because it feels like you are picking a fight with MCDC or Holmes. But I am beginning to agree with your theme while maybe not with your passion on the subject. I have come to notice that MCDC and Holmes act like everything that happens personnel wise was exactly what they wanted and hoped for. It is beginning to make me get a little tone deaf to the mantra.

Do not get me wrong. What they have done with this franchise on all fronts has been biblical. I mean a change in all areas that is nothing short of magical. It has been a transformation of historic nature. If the Lions can win it all this season you can bet there will be discussions of a movie. That is how insane it is. The literal worst franchise in the NFL gets it together and starts winning at a historic pace.

I have also gone down this path with Cabinda, I never understood keeping him and his contract. Horrible runner and receiver, no team ever had to game plan anything for him when he was in there. I doubt that any team takes Wright offensive contributions seriously as well because why would they? In what world is this “picking a fight”, it’s simply seeing what I see.

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I’ve played with guys like Cabinda and Wright and you freaking love having them on your team and hate having to go against them.

They make all the little moves that make it so tough on the opponent.

Perfect 2nd-3rd string guys. For the first string, you need game changers at as many positions as possible. LaPorta is a game changer. Gibbs is a game changer. Those are your 1st stringers.


Agree with you on cabinda, for wright, obviously our competition in the NFC took him seriously when they offered him that contract they expected us not to match


“A” team made him that offer. There are zero stats that support him being any kind of offensive threat. One long run vs the Jet’s is not a career.

Your point? I simply stated another organization at the top of the nfc offered him the contract we matched… clearly they valued him (you don’t), not sure what else needed to be said


And I simply stated that “A” team made an offer, no one was beating his door down. That’s the point.

Ok, i would just follow up by saying he was going to be on a roster regardless and most teams dont like negotiating contracts for other teams.

Regardless, wright was going to be on someone’s 53 imo he is good enough as a 2-3 TE.

As for cabinda, i agree he is a waste of roster space outside of the leadership side of his role.


Been saying that for two years. He’s an asset. He moves the chains.
We can’t all be “sexy”.

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There are times I can tell that you’ve never looked at a players “stats”.
Doesn’t matter, though. He’s on the team, and, there’s nothing you can do but bitch.

Man, you have no clue here not me. His stats are that he had less than 100 yards receiving and a PFF blocking grade that is one of the lowest for any TE in the NFL last season.

He barely played, last season.
Whatever. Like I said, he’s on the team, and, I trust Campbell and Holmes more than you.

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Also not true. He played in 14 games and his snap count on special teams was about 50%, over 35% of the offensive snaps I believe. You accuse me of not looking at stats? C’mon man, get real.

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Ya know what? Why not take Brad and Dan at their word? We talk about them rewarding their own guys. That applies to the undrafted free agents as well. They say he is a reliable blocker and a team player that allows them to get more creative with Laporta. Thats good enough for me. Dude worked his ass off and got rewarded w a 3 year 12 million dollar deal…bravo UDFA, BRAVO.


Why not just accept that I’m entitled to my opinion and that it is backed up by actual facts. Not saying their’s isn’t, in fact I think they know what they can and can’t count on from Brock and that means something. They like guys who can play special teams, well, Brock has done that. In fact I think that plays a bigger role than most people. He caught 13 passes for 91 yards last year, that’s 7.1 per reception and less than 1 a game. I happen to disagree on 1 player out of how many and I got the same push back when I couldn’t understand their position on Cabinda. I didn’t take Brad and Dan “at their word” when it came to him and had people saying exactly what you are saying now. Not a problem.

My favorite part about this comment is that we factually werent the only team willing to pay it