Dan Campbell: We'll keep working to find ways to get Jameson Williams more involved



Goff can’t hit him with the deep ball it’s really that simple. Yes they need to find him other ways to contribute but probably is QB can’t make the throw

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Also mentions needing to get ARSB & Reynolds more involved.

I just get the feeling were about to see JAMO break out…

I think like half of his receptions are deep ball TDs. A couple called back because of a dumb unrelated penalty

I’d rather see him used more in quick slants or quick outs. Get him the ball in space on the run. Let him use his speed

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Like the TD vs the Chargers that got called back.

Get the ball in his hands and let the speed do it’s thing. Any time a corner is playing off and not jamming Jamo… audible and throw him the rock

At least gotta target him 3 or 4 times per game. Otherwise the defense just rules that out


This is where Goff’s arm becomes an issue.

Imaging Favre or Rogers with Jamo.

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Bama ran a lot of bubble/tunnel screens, slot routes like slants and drags, touch pass/jet sweeps for Jamo

I think the struggle in Ben’s system though and with Goff is Jamo isn’t a precise route runner. He’s a long strider and doesn’t get in and out of breaks well. Any route beyond sticking his foot in the ground and changing a single direction he doesn’t perform well

Goff has had the most success with basically the polar opposite type of WR. Kupp and Amon Ra. They aren’t particularly fast but they set up defenders with subtle body control and head/shoulder fakes and will be at their spot to catch the ball.

Goff throws the ball sometimes 10 yards before the WR is there and it’s obvious he just doesn’t trust Jamo. What we would see on the TV is Goff dropping and throwing it right into the arms of a second level defender and think ‘Goddammit Goff!” WTF!

And the usual few will be ‘See I told you Goff sucks!’ But what we didn’t know is Jameson rounded off his route or tried to run around a defender rather than selling his route or setting them up - Creating that space and being at his spot


Exactly his highlight tape is full of them. He was constantly in motion pre snap. So he’s getting a head of steam before the ball is even snapped. We seem reluctant to do that. Maybe we’re missing something. We gotta be.


100% - play to Goff’s strength, & the quicker developing plays are also better with the current condition of the OL

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or Matty

I think Goff can do it, but it just has to be more calculated, otherwise Jamo will outrun Goff’s arm.
Goff HAS thrown deep routes to other speed guys on our team. He CAN do it.
He just has to step into it & have time.

with Goff I think he has an upper level arm, but a lower level threshold for risk and doesn’t like things put up to chance.

there’s plenty of hyper accurate, deep bombs in his highlights, even throwing off his back foot or across his body so unless he lost some arm strength somehow it’s just not a feature of this game plan this year

Perhaps because Jamo is such a raw route runner and Kalif is a short gadget player.

May be true. Not what I’m seeing, when it comes to JaMo targets though. The misses have been under thrown. Never over thrown.
Granted, that has only been with Jamo. Still - he took the risk in targeting Jamo, may as well get it out in front & lead him, no?

That said, I like what another poster said (I think yesterday) about come-back routes… deeep comeback routes. We used to throw 'em to Calvin back in the day…Jamo could crush it in that area too. Only thing is that takes time to develop, & right now we have OL injuries.

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There was a pretty bad underthrow Sunday. Was just watching the All22 commentary. Goff was being hit though and threw it while falling backwards

I think there’s been some nitpicking on throws to Jamo. His TD against the Bears a few weeks ago wasn’t underthrown. He caught it mid end zone. Yes he had to stop and turn for it but if it’s thrown further it’s out of bounds…The ball was where it needed to be

The called back TD against GB last year was a sweet deep route thrown on target…

But specifically looking at Goffs whole body of work outside of Jamo he easily has the arm strength. He threw a 67 yard TD that went 64 yards in the air during an ice storm to Watkins. It was the longest air yard throw that season

He’s just not uncorking it all that much to Jamo when protected. We saw the deep sideline passes to Chark after he got healthy.

It’s not an arm thing. It’s something else


I truly hope you are right, my bro.

I think Ben can get it righted either way. gotta be smart about it.

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This is key IMO….

Goff needs to learn to throw it earlier.

I made a lengthy post after the Tampa game that showed how quickly Jamo had erased the DB cushion… was even… and leavin’…

and Goff waited too long to throw.

Jamo made a good adjustment to catch the ball…
but it is a pattern we have all seen.


Well I’m not just pontificating. I’m looking at evidence, past splits, highlights and past throws.

Unless for some reason he lost arm strength in the recent past. Injury? Screws in his thumb acting up?

Personally I’m not worried at all about Goffs deep passing. He has an nfl arm not sure why some think otherwise.


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If JaMo pulls two guys with him and Amon Ra is double covered…that leaves three guys to cover LaPorta, a 3rd WR and a RB. That means 4 guys rush. No way a team can hang with us as long as our own play design doesn’t kill us.

It appears zones from the Bears and Packers are killing us. If a team is walking the safeties up we HAVE to make them pay. Safeties from the Pack and Bears have KILLED us these last couple games and I think it is partially because we are not forcing them back.

In basketball you have to shoot your way out of a zone. We need to start pushing defenses…esp. if we can get to say 2nd and 6. And we gave to do this early. Esp. at home.

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We’ve been hearing that for months now and they keep saying they’ll get him more involved. It’s falling on deaf ears at this point. I just don’t feel like Jamo fits this offense which is suited for short to intermediate routes and they don’t seem interested in getting him involved in anything other than the occasional deep ball or reverse.

Jamo would be amazing in Miami, Philly, KC or even the Chargers. Teams that can stretch the field with strong armed QBs.
This offense is revolved around ASRB, LaPorta, Gibbs and Montgomery. Everybody else is getting the scraps.

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