Dan Miller Call (Warning - Don't cut onions when watching)


So cool seeing he and JRM out there.

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Barnes you da ■■■■■■■ man!! Unreal. Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Poor Dan. How wrecked is his voice after a good season with extra games…

Best radio guy in all sports btw


@cap should be a very proud man.

Barnes came up huge…
and was trusted to play in clutch passing situation…
very cool to see!


Yep. There’s a lot of guys on this team to be happy for. Simply amazing.

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He should be embarrassed for acting like such a childish moron, trolling the board the way he did.

Barnes isn’t Cap’s, he’s ours.

Now Mayfield knows what Dr Dre feels like.

Both got abused by D Barnes

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what I really noticed about this clip was the tight spiral Mayfield threw. Not like that weak ass wobbly ball Goff throws.


Barnes has overcome so much to get to the point where he could make that play.

All of the coaches keeping him off the field. Aaron Glenn actually tried to trip him as he ran out to be on the field for the INT.

But he would not be denied!

Really, thanks Derrick! Great play.

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Dan called him a late bloomer. His 1st name should be Justin… Just In Time!

JRM, Iffy and Alim have been huge surprises

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Whats ironic is Alex Anzalone after the game on the field during the interview called him his dog and was encouraging the crowd to give it up for him

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