Dan Orlovsky on 'The Throw of the Year' (so far)

One thing about Orlovsky, the man knows his stuff when it comes to QBs. Good stuff.

Note: you gotta click the volume button to un-mute the sound if you want to hear his analysis


Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

look at decker in the last seconds of that video. that’s a man that knows how to celebrate a TD ;)… oddly enough he didn’t have to even block anybody on the play!

That’s reason to celebrate in itself.:rofl:

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That is some great stuff right there by DanO. Luckily his ability to analyze a play that has already happened is far better than his ability to predict what will happen


Great find wise, I was literally getting on here to post the link myself…this throw can not get enough love…wow.

My seats are on the 20 yard line on that end and from the side I could tell Stafford had to fire it and thread the needle. But until I saw that view from behind Stafford I had no idea how incredibly small the window was that he threw that through. And how fast that window closed

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Or… how freaking awesome Matt’s brain is that processes all of this shut inreal time in like 1/4 of a sec upon snap?!

This is why I don’t argue with anyone who keeps saying Matt isn’t smart enough…

If the play he is called to run sucks… he will most likely suck

When the play is fucking defined to allow for this type of WB responds… this is what happens.

He will never be perfect but I’ve said since we picked Bevel up and I reasearched him

Greatest single move the Lions have done!’

He will also be part of the process imho to pick Matt’s successor… I truly believe Bevel is our OC for the next 5-10 yrs

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Any less of an arm and that is picked off or knocked down.
First time I saw the replay I couldn’t believe that ball got through there.
Threaded a needle with a bullet!

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Great QB’s don’t necessarily need the strongest arm but there are instances that it does help to have a “Howlizer” as DanO says. That pass reminds me of the pass to Pettigrew to beat Cleveland. Good stuff!