Dan Signed for 6

Time to add a few years and $$ for Dan.
Anyone know how long Brad was signed for, he should get more as well.

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Damn keyboard! :innocent:

I advocated extending Dan shortly after the kneecaps presser. You could look it up. I don’t need no stinkin’ emoji when I’m dead serious…


I think that any extension negotiations need to include the real live Lion that Dan requested to take it to the finish line.


I agree!!!

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It should of been

Season 4 Monica GIF by Friends



Aww Lion GIF


Give him the 10 year 100 million dollar deal turkey hole got…

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They need to tack on 10 years, yesterday.

Guys, can we at least win a few Super Bowls before we start talking about an extension? Make them work for it!

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Dan/Brad taking this team from the bottom of the barrel with no talent and 0 cap to work with, into the NFCC game in year 3 is more than worthy of talking extension and mo $$.

what a classic movie!!!

old 96’er… that makes me eant to watch it again sometime soon.

No turds zone!
A real lion!

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