Daniel’s to Washington…

This goof ball just slipped up and let the cat out of the bag in my opinion.


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It’s almost as if he added it in there at the end. Not that it slipped. Maybe he was being cute and saying that Washington would be dumb not to take him

The Commanders are picking No. 2 overall, so they’re pretty much going to get any QB they want except the one the Bears take.



That seems like the most likely scenario for QBs

Vikings trade up for May.

Penix/Nix go to Denver /Oakland


Hopefully this all happens before lions pick

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Remember when the Panthers told CJ they were going to set him up or something once he was in Charlotte?

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I just don’t get it. To me Drake Maye is the obvious QB2 in this class and worthy of a #1OA in many drafts.


I think that JD will be the top QB in the class.

I think we’re gonna look back at this QB class in 3 years and all of the QBs will be pretty underwhelming. I will say that if the Vikings get one of the rookies they will probably be the best of the bunch.

I have no idea. Kid has talent but needs to change the way he plays in the league or he’s going to get killed. He certainly can. Will he? :man_shrugging: