Darius Slay and Snack never missed training camp

They didn’t hold out they showed up.

Its 2019 and if you have access to this site you can verify this.

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Why would this need to be it’s own thread?

Because people keep saying they held out and got hurt because it.

There is a seperate thread claiming as much.

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They both missed OTAs, which are voluntary.

So why not just keep it in that thread?

Perhaps there’s some confusion. Remember both did not participate in the OTAs , voluntary and mandatory mini camps and as a result when they did finally report to training camp neither practiced for over the first week of training camp. So you’re correct that they did not hold out of training camp, however they did Miss over two weeks of organized team activities and the beginning of training camp as a result.


Exactly. They acted like selfish children and cried about getting new contracts. Snacks got his and has been a disaster. Slay didn’t get his and has played mediocre and is still being a drama queen. Overall, they both have been instrumental in the Lions having a terrible overall defense.

Why confuse the evidence with facts?

Yup. Don’t bitch about there being no loyalty from the front office when you hurt your team while you were under contract. By the time Snacks “plays” his way into shape, our season may be done. The money these guys get, they need to come to work and as all non-hourly workers know, sometimes you have to do more than what is “mandatory” and we do it for one hell of a lot less money than they get.

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You aren’t in the top 1% in the world in

The elite in any industry do this and you know that.

Stop comparing the top 1% to a replaceable slub.

Actually there were fewer active Army Rangers in the world when I was in than there were active NFL Football players, so you are talking to someone who was less than 1% in the world and I was making a whopping 24K per year so…yeah I don’t want to hear about “loyalty” from Darius Slay!

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We also know that Snacks was out of shape, no need to go further than his performance in Arizona.