Darnell Wright

He’s starting to grow on me big time, what do you guys think about him at pick 18? Move him to RG.

Interesting prospect, I do think 18 is too high for him as I expect he is there in the second if you want him. Probably not availabe for Detroit’s first second round pick but I would go with other OL options before him.

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I believe he will move up the draft boards by the time draft comes.

I loved him when I was regularly grabbing him with our 2a pick. It seems those days are gone.

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Yeah I think he will easily be a top 25 pick when draft comes.

Who do you got in this years draft that you believe will be a steal in the later rounds. 2-5th round

A ton of guys but as is usually the case with these things, they’ll all start to move up the draft boards once they test/perform well during the process. Like Wright did.

Bergeron is another guy who if he can drop to our 2a pick I’d really like for the same reasons I like Wright. And he’s probably better on the move which makes him a better fit for us, since we really ask our guards to move a lot.

I also really like Chandler Zavala out of NC State and Jordan McFadden out of Clemson, though they’re more like 3-5th round guys. I like Joe Tippman out of Wisconsin as well but he’s all over the board, I think Jeremiah had him in the 1st round. If he made it to the 3rd I think he’d be a good pick.

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I’ve been mocking Zavala with our 3rd round pick pretty regularly.

Yeah me too. Sometimes I can even get him in the 5th, depending on the simulator. I think that’s probably his floor though, I expect some pretty good testing.

Yeah I honestly don’t bother waiting there simply because I don’t think he’ll fall that far in real life. It really sucks not having a 4th round pick in this draft.


Agreed, I think there will be a lot of startable iOL and RB options who go off the board in the 4th. Although if Brad likes a guy in that range, I’m sure he’ll figure out a way to get there.


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