Daron Payne 4 years $90M

“If you want Payne, the price starts at $20M/year.”

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I thought he might crack 100M, but 60 mill guaranteed, good for him!


I’ll leave the analysis to people smarter than me.

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Kick the tires re: Jonathan Allen

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Trading Allen makes no sense IMO. They help each other immensely. Best DT duo in the nfl. You trade Allen, Payne gets doubled every snap.


They have both Young and Sweat coming up very soon. Decisions need to be made.


Sheldon Rankins, dependable, steady, and about 1/3rd the price for a shorter deal and already has experience with Campbell and Glenn. I’m of the opinion we don’t need a hero, we just need to seal some holes.

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Well, I was close, I was willing to do a $22 million deal months ago. Haters gonna hate.

way to much good pay day for a guy who was in top five in missed tackles last season. But its team game

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Good contract. I wasn’t disagreeing that he could get that per year. I do think the structure will be faily kind over the first couple of years, allowing the cap to go up and better absorb. 60M is basically 3 at 20 so isn’t crazy if he can come close to 11.5 sacks in a couple of those years. I bet here, he would have had a good chance to have that type of production. On to Dre’Mont Jones?

Jason has updated the numbers for Payne at OTC

A little fluff in reporting, but still a very good contract for Payne with a lot of cash up front.

We could have easily offered a similar contract. This probably means Sweat and Young may walk???

Definitely Sweat. He is as good as gone. For Young I bet it comes down to how he plays over the next 2 seasons. I’m sure they will be willing to keep him if he stays healthy and produces. But even if Sweat blows up for double digit sacks I bet he’s going to b allowed to walk.