Daron Payne has been franchised…….Per Schefter


Not a surprise, also not sure if he was high on BH list of fa or not due to dollars Payne was rumored to want.

Any temptation for a splurge has now been removed.

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This was one of the easiest Franchise tags to predict.

At least this is out of the way.

Now, lets see the predictions that don’t have us signing Payne.


Almost a relief…

I hope we open the wallet to 2 outside guys and take care of some of our own.


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Officially official


Greg Gaines , Dre’Mont Jones who else you got ? Maybe Zach Allen

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Awesome. He had one really good season where he reached his potential (along side a group of amazing dlinemen making his job easier). He might bitch about only getting 19mil on the tag when he would have probably gotten 25% more on the open market. I’d rather trade up for carter. Also for those who want to sign 2 outsiders and some of our own… we only have about 13mil in cap space after cutting brockers and paying out draft picks. We have to cut more players just to pay some of our own and have 8mil to go into the season with. We would have to absolutely sell the future to sign anyone outside of the bargain bin. That worked out so well for Meyhew when we couldnt keep that defense together didnt it? Basic math isnt hard. I personally want to keep players like amon ra when the time comes. People who act like the salary cap is some fallacy or mystery probably coudnt pass my junior high school algebra class. This country has been so dumbed down by the failing public education system that i am not surprised.

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We this is totally inaccurate


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I’m always wary of players that suddenly have career years right before they hit free agency.

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Mayhew made Suh a monster offer. We had the cash, Miami just made a stupid deal they had no intention of honoring and Suh and his agent took advantage of it.



Back then i read an article where Suh said he was disappointed that the lions didnt really even come with an offer until after Miami did and that it was for knowingly less money. He saw it as a save face move for the fans when they didnt expect him to take the offer. Especially considering Florida has no state income tax. It has been a long time so i havent found the article. But it is a fact that the way Mayhew kept restricting him and kicking the can down the road caused his potential franchise tag number to be asinine. He would have been in Detroit at least one more year if it wasnt for horrible financial management strategies.

@DeadStroke hey buddy. What is our current cap number? Correct me if i am wrong but our projected estimated drafted rookie salaries is about 13mil? Would you suggest more or less than 8mil reserve going into the season? I was called totally inaccurate so im asking you to correct me. Please and thank you good sir.

Mayhew made a serious offer that backed the brinks truck up. What we offered was slightly below what Miami offered. But Miami wasn’t offering a real contract. They were offering a 3 year deal faked to look like a 5+ year deal. Suh and his camp saw that and took advantage of it, knowing he would be cut after 3 seasons and could try to take another bite out of the apple in free agency.

I really don’t care to franchise a guy like that. He either wants to be here or he doesn’t. The point is that Mayhew made a serious offer and we had money to spend on him. He didn’t create a cap situation that we couldn’t afford Suh. Suh and his agent simply found a stupid team to take advantage of. I can fault Mayhew for what he did with Suh’s final year salary. But I can’t fault him for not outbidding stupid.


I can remember threads at forums that discussed how much they thought Suh should be paid. Many of them thought that if he wanted more money that JJ Watt, we should walk away. Well, our offer exceeded that, yet Miami still went higher. So many have forgotten those details, choosing to just bash Mayhew without considering too much more. It’s just “Mayhew messed up Suh and missed on Donald, end of story.”

Michael Brockers is available