David Montgomery

I was hoping last year that we would get him, I knew his contract was up and the Bears are losers. Who didn’t love Williams, but you can ride this guy when it counts. Really happy for him and the Lions, great move for David and the Lions.


Real question is if we can have a rb get 17 TDs in back to back seasons.


I think 17 is light.


I loved Jamaal but Monty is the better running back. I think he has potential for 17+ touchdowns for sure!


Between DM and SLP, yards after contact are a huge improvement this season.


Hard game for me, I was traveling back from Portland and my flight was delayed. I listened to a lot on the radio and they kept repeating just how punishing DM was as a runner. The announcers were great w/o being in love with either team. Really happy to have our team simply be more physical than the guys across the line. Good win, expected by most but how they did it really sent a message.

Someone please do a David Monty: Title: Owner of the Green Bay Packers Wikipedia drop. The man deserves it after all this time and so do we. Great game!

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Monty is headed for the 1000 and 20 club.

And even though gibbs hasnt really come on he is still on track for 1k all purpose yards. Excited for jamo to come back and gibbs to get going.

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We could be a power team if Jamo comes out strong.

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