Davis back at MLB this week?

https://www.facebook.com/91310816424/posts/10157521677916425/ He must really be healing up quick.Would be a surprise to me if he is hope they dont rush him back and it turns into Levy 2.0


I think they keep him out at least another week based on his limited participation in practice


I hope he plays as he brings that passion and leadership on the field. Our defense is also heavily built around him.

I hope Davis plays too, but Tavai and JRM did okay. I’d hate to see him re-injure that ankle cuz he came back too soon.

Jones did well too. LB depth is starting to look better.

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The LBs should look great with Snacks, Daniels, and Flowers in front of them.


Was Davis the one out with a high ankle sprain?

Yes. Reports are that he’s still limited this week but moving around better. There are some that think he might even suit up for Sunday’s game. Obviously it’d be great to have him back, but if he ain’t quite ready then t another week before putting him out there.