Davis had a near perfect game

He took one bad angle late in the game but otherwise was brilliant there wasn’t a single screen he failed to sniff out. Sacks. Pressures. Coverage even. Definitely my game ball player.


He’s way better than he gets credit for. I do agree that as a WILL he might be (younger) Thomas Davis level elite so I get the idea of adding a MLB and sliding him over.

He balled out today for sure, jumping off the screen frequently. How’d Foster play? :joy:


He was fast as hell out there today. His reads were prefect and he saved a sure td on the pass to Johnson. The defense really looked fast reacting today. Zona was the only offense in football that had the ability to make ours look better, barely

You have to give LBs a few years to get their bearings…

Davis and Diggs both looked like heat seeking missiles out there. Maybe we will wind up moving Davis to the outside, but if he can keep up his tackling like he did last night he will be a major part of this defense.

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I purposely didn’t watch the game yesterday, so this is all the reason I need to watch it on gamepass. Funny thing is, when I got home the Father-In-Law had this terrible look on his face and said this was the most pitiful, disgusting Lions team he’s ever watched. “They won but I’ve never seen a team that deserves to win less.” LOL
So I’ll watch the all-22 just to see how/what Davis is doing.

He’s correct, it was very boring game but pretty much because the offense was so bad. But as little as anyone thinks we did to deserve to win, Arizona did even less so there’s that

Oh, you mean his natural position??

What a concept.

(BTW, I’m not trying to belittle YOU – it’s more at the GM who drafted him to be an OLB … just like he drafted Ragnow to play out if position, and so on. It gets to be questionable, to say the least.)

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No offense taken, Vegas bro. I think Davis would make an awesome 3-4 inside backer. With a good nose in front of him, maybe like Harrison, he could produce at a Ray Lewis level. Let him attack and have the other ILB be someone who plays the pass better.

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Cmon dude, gameball goalpost…


I noticed him get erased pretty easily by a Guard on a run play and I noticed him backpedal his way into nowhere, leaving a pretty wide open zone in the intermediate several times. If we can keep him clean and limit his coverage responsibilities, maybe it’ll work out.

It ain’t that hard to look good against Arizona, or Buffalo either. He needs to get it done against the good offenses too, which he has not done so well according to some. I’m cool with moving him to OLB if the Lions find a better option in the middle, whatever is best for the defense.

Didn’t something similar happen with Levy? If I recall he was drafted to play OLB and then was forced to learn to play MLB. Then when Tulloch came along he moved back to the outside. It took Levy a few years but he was pro bowl level for a short time before he got bit in the dick by a fish or whatever.

or whatever… LOL

He had Foote at MIKE in 09… Levy finished the 10 season at MIKE, but Tully was brought in the next year. I don’t think Levy was ever in the mix for MIKE. He definitely had a rough first couple of years, with his 2nd being his worst. Year 3 was like a light went on, which is when Tully joined the group.

I’m not writing Davis off, but I don’t see him being successful if he’s asked to drop into coverage. He’s lost when he’s not able to just run downhill toward the ball-carrier.

Jarrad’s problem is that he screws up a little too often. He wants to make the big play so bad that he loses control and jumps off-sides or gets faked out too easily and too often. I think his speed is fine for an ILB, his problem is mental discipline and self-control. He might do better as an OLB, I dunno.