Day 2 Board

Here’s my guys for round 2 & 3

2A- Jack Campbell MLB or FAU DE
2B- Quan Martin NB/S
3- Darius Rush CB

Other options include #48 include

DT Mazi Smith
DL White

Other options for #55 include

TE Kraft
RB Charbonnett and Achane
IOL Tippman and Mauch
DT Benton
WR Tillman
CB Cam Smith and Tyrique Stevenson
QB Hooker

Other options for #81

S Battle and Brown
NB Phillips
DL Adebawore
DT Ika and Pickens
OL Zavala, Ekyior, McFadden,
TE Strange or Laporta
RB& WR a bunch of guys

dang Jigga…give anybody else a shot at this LMAO

Sure man your up

I like Campbell and Rush in the 2nd

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Rush is nothing special, way better talent in the 2nd and way better CB’s later as well.

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QB Tanner McKee
WR Jordan Addison
WR Jaxon Smith Njigba
Dalton Kincade TE
Cody Mauch OT
Keion White DE
Anudike Uzomah DE
Siaki Ika DT
William McDonald IV OLB
Noah Sewell ILB

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Gonzalez 6’1 197, 4.38… 77in wingspan 9.96 RAS

Rush - 6’1 198 4.36… 80 in wingspan 9.73 RAS

Gonzalez a sophomore…and Rush is a converted WR both have played CB only the last 2 seasons.

18 PD 3 INT Rush
20 PD 4 INT Gonzales

Both need to work on tackling a little bit. Both have fluid hips to turn and run.

Rush played in the SEC, Gonzales played in the PAC

Rush was player of the week at the Senior Bowl before that he was a Day 3 guy, Gonzales is a Top 10 guy.

Looks to me like Okudah vs Diggs from a couple years ago

I don’t have the #s for QBR when targeted…maybe you could share these?


I don’t get the Tanner McKee thing. Every time I see his name I think to myself “hey, the 1980s called and they want their QB back.”

I wouldn’t hate this. We know the family, we know the genetics and we know the attitude.


I can’t make sensible choices when I don’t know who we took in the first round. There’s a lot of tier players that I like on Day 2 that I’d bypass because of my Day 1 selections.


Perfect! That’s the point of having guys in tiers/blocks like this. Gotta be fluid on draft day @Thats2 as my man puts it…and adjust on the fly. Post some of your tier guys here if you’d like…

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I don’t have the #s for QBR when targeted…maybe you could share these?

Rush is over 90 at Draft Buzz and 87.7 on PFF. His best game was against Texas A&M, and his worst game was against the best team he faced, Georgia. Completion % was 58%. For me, the only thing that moves him into the 2nd is a run on CB’s.


Do you see that happening, I do.

Also, my goal has always been to use this pick whether moving up from 18 to top 10


Moving down from 55 (to Houston) and scoop up a 4th. In which case I think that’s a good range for Rush 3rd.

I’m also high on your boy Riley Moss and Blackmon…much higher then their round 6 projections.

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Skoronski and Wright are the only OL in your day one tiers?

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I didn’t include Tackles…

What about Gibbs in the 2nd round?

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Asked in wrong thread, oops.

Mekhi Garner, lot’s of guys with good size and stats. 9 CB’s taken in the first 2 rounds last year, also a good year. 2021 there were 7, 2020 and 2019 there were 8…I assume we see 9 go in the first 2 rounds this year. He could move into the 2nd but I just don’t see him as that much better than guys who are likely to go a round or 2 later. If we don’t grab a CB in the first I wouldn’t be in a hurry.

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Another guy they have as a 7th rounder…why?
Ricks tested horribly…I see why he’s a 7th rounder now.

I’m down for 2 CBs…I don’t want one round1. So I’m gonna take my pick Round 2 and then grab another one.

Cam Smith
Philliips - NB
DJ Turner

then you’re getting in to the Riley Moss, Terrell Smith, Trice Jr., Bennett, Blackmon etc group day 3

Who is “they”?