Day 3 TE Options

Looking at:

First two were captains and the best blockers I’d say

AJ Barner - U of M/ Indiana Team Captain at Indiana

Tip Reimann - Illinois Team Captain at Illinois

Erick All - Iowa / U of M -

Tanner McLachlan Arizona -

Brevynn Spann -Ford- Minnesota

Erick all is a profile similiar to James Mitchell also coming off ACL injury

McLachlan - grinder , elite Ras score . Thin builty small arms

Spann-Ford- Big body TE

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It’s basically Bowers in the first round

Sanders in the 2nd round.

Everyone else is a day 3 guy.

I like Holker as a HB/TE, taking over the blocking position of Cabinda AND led the nation in receptions for TE’s last season. Having a blocking back that can also catch the ball or run with the ball, how novel.

Hes just a little too undersized to be an effective blocker

Not as a fullback type.

We don’t have to get a 1 for 1 replacement for Wright, and even if we did we could find one off the scrap heap, just like we did Brock Wright. Like I said in another post, we could sign Mercedes Lewis for nothing, and he’s one of the best blocking TEs the league has ever seen.

Holker would be something different.

Well, I expect Zylstra to be our #2 and he had a better blocking grade than Wright. I guess I’m really thinking of upgrading the FB position first while giving depth to the TE position.

How bout this guy, seems more age appropriate

Cameron Brate
Maxx Williams.
Kyle Rudolph
Richard Rogers

Still available

Also Adam Shaheen a cheap camp body

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Another IOWA TE, how could we go wrong?

Just roll with Laporta Hesse and All

What’s the low down on Hesse??

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No, wait until next year and grab Lachey, he is the real deal. Probably have to use a first though because he’ll be gone before we pick in the 2nd.

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Right, something like that.

We brought in Brock Wright from the scrap heap and we can do it again. Trust in Brad.

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Hesse and late 6 / 7

Good spot for ST, LB, Safety, or TE

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I’m content to bring in an 8th Round TE to compete with Zylstra for becoming the next Wright. These are UDFA players that exist on every team.

I’ve always preffered round 12… but that’s just me :wink:

It was a Mayhew term that kind of stuck with me. 2013 we picked up Waddle and Fauria and it was a point of pride going into the 2014 draft.

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His darn volleyball career killed his promising nfl career… dude was a real red zone threat

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That’s why teams like SF keep those late 7th rounders.

That’s how they get Purdy

You get to handpick your guy UDFA that likely wouldn’t sign with your team

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