Day drinking. Avante Garde reboot

I think we should all go back to days of my grandfather when it was just not unusual to have a couple of stiff mixed drinks at lunch. Life looks a lot better this way, + everybody’s happier. Not really seeing a downside here , so I think I’m going to be the banner man of this new trend.

Who’s with me?



Can we bring back real coke?

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In Vegas we just call it “drinking.”


Didn’t they basically try that with the OG Four Loko? Lol.

Apparently Red Bull + Vodka = “liquid cocaine,” according to some people. :man_shrugging:

Can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.


I drink in the morning quite frequently. Granted I work overnights. I love going to the liquor store at 8am and having the cashier wonder if I have a problem or not.

I used to wonder about that when I worked graves, then I remembered where I live lol. Nobody cares.

I remember when I was working from home and the “best” time for me to go load up on liquor and beer was around 9am. It always felt odd. Eventually one of the regular cashiers made a comment that made it sound like I was just getting off of working a night shift. I just went along with it, not wanting to say “no, actually I just woke up a few hours ago and have a full day of work ahead of me.” LOL

MAYBE there are some people that don’t drink alot of liquor or caffeine that can say its like Cocaine. I haven’t had the stuff myself, but I’ve had the ADD stuff that’s basically just government regulated cocaine. To me there aren’t really any substitutes. I’ve told the story before but the first time I ever took an Adderall was on a Friday afternoon. I had no idea what the effects were supposed to be. I was kind of disappointed because I expected some kind of “rush” to happen. It didn’t. What a huge waste. So I went and picked up pizza from Pizza Hut. We have pizza and watch movies every Friday night. I get home, and still don’t “feel” anything. This stuff sucks! So I change my clothes into some shorts and t-shirt and jump on my elliptical. At this point I should probably realize I’m feeling something, even though its not some huge rush coming over my body. Normally I’d plop down on the couch and have some drinks, after a long week and a long day. Nope, I decided to exercise on a Friday after work.

I get on the elliptical, and in my mind I’m just killing time before my wife gets home. I do an hour, and I was hauling ass the entire time. Normally this would leave me mentally fatigued a bit, but after killing it on the elliptical for an hour, I’m fresh as a daisy mentally…and physically I felt like I could have kept going. But…I got other stuff to do! I take a shower and come back out to the kitchen. My wife is running late getting home. I noticed a really long receipt sitting on the counter. This was from where my wife and her dad went grocery shopping the day before, as well as picked up a bunch of misc things. Mind you, I always do the grocery shopping for us, so this was something different. I pick up this HUGE list, and my thought is to grab a pen, and hunt down every single item on the list and put a check mark next to it. This way I know everything they bought, and exactly where they put it in the cabinets, fridge, etc. Of course after getting into this for a while, I realized the cabinets were not organized very well, so I pulled everything out of the fridge and pantry…cleaned them…then replaced and re-organized the entire fridge and pantry.

You can kind of see where this is all going. My wife eventually came home and we did pizza and movies. While watching the movies I had to resist the urge to pull out all of the dishes from our cabinets, clean and re-line them, then re-organize them. Yeah, there’s nothing in my normal life that can replace good ol amphetamines.:laughing:

I’ve vacationed to places where people don’t care. But my personal mood is different, because obviously I’m on vacation as well. Now that I LIVE in a vacation spot, it is kind of interesting going thru my normal day but encounter people who are piss drunk at 10am on a Tuesday.

I’m talking about 2 or 3 stiff drinks…so you aren’t piss drunk, but in permanent DILLIGAF mode…

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Also, new Avatar. My stepdaughter is pumpkin carving royalty. This and the Chucky one are Gourd Masterpieces

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The old “2 Martini Lunch”, yes, too bad it had to fade away.

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Doing a little 11am drinking today


Looks fantastic, what’s not to like.

Dooooode, noice

Fun fact: Sierra NV IPA Torpedo is Stone Cold Steve Austin’s favorite beer.

IF that is Asheville, hit Burial Brewing great DIPA’s and some good stouts.

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What’s everyone watching here? Waiting for Wes to drink his brew or what?

Yes it was Asheville. I will definitely hit it up next time I’m there.

What I posted a pic of was Celebration, but the next beer I got was Torpedo. Its one of my favorite beers as well, and its become a tradition for me to have a couple Torpedo’s on Super Bowl Sunday. I bought some Torpedo BBQ sauce while I was there. Should be interesting.

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The only beers I’ve liked have always tasted like sour candies.

I have no idea if they’re called anything, but there you have it LOL.