DC comment on StonyJansen show regarding the Bears talent and a diaper


I needed something on that 4 and 2 call :joy: :joy:



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Really? The bears are more talented than the chargers? Huh. Could have fooled me…



That’s 100% coach talk. No way can he actually believe that.


Kyle Brandt interupts a GMFB segment to talk about the DC diaper comment that happened earlier this am. “This guy is an American treasure” We love you Dan.

Peter S “Between the Kneecaps, balls, diaper everything is below the waist for these guys.”
Kyle B “Yet they are head and shoulders above everybody else on the field”.

Jaimie E: Need a tshirt: Diaper Up Men, Diaper Up.

A season unlike I’ve ever seen with the love for team, coach, front office etc


If he believe’s they have more talent then he basically just said their staff sucks.


You know Dan doesn’t think this stuff up, it’s just who he is. It just flows out natural because he’s real.
That’s why the players love him. Press people too more and more. :smiley:

(And of course, us here in the Den)

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I feel a dad joke coming on from @CuriousHusker @stephenboyd57 @Logy

alternatives to diaper are:
Tush Cush

Have at it fellas!


I am certain his remarks about the Bears had a deeper perspective than we can see…

DC doesn’t know how to blatantly lie imho


I agree with you about Campbell, and him seeming to be a very honest type of Guy.

I don’t see coach talk as being a blatent lie though. It’s more of an exaggeration.

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Very condescending from MCDC, yet polite.

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Die Purr sounds more like the Patricia regime.

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So, Dutch Nice. :heavy_check_mark:

Their problem is they just quite there yet on either line. And that trumps all unless you’ve got one of the top shelf QBs.

I look at it as a version of the truth. Just look at David Montgomery. In Chicago he was a 3.8 yards per carry type back. With us he’s pushing 5 yards per carry and is one of the straws that stirs the drink. For my money Tyson Bagent is every bit as good as Brock Purdy. They just play for different levels of teams. The Chargers have #13 who always crushes us, but DJ Moore is no slouch. The Chargers team we just faced doesn’t have a Mooney though. Teh Bears are also better talent wise at TE.

I could keep going but you get the point. The overall team isn’t as good and well managed, but when you start breaking down the individual players, the Bears are no slouch.

George Costanza Seinfeld GIF

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Die Pur sounds like a slogan from one of the few regimes worse than Patricia’s. Yes, I am citing Godwin’s law. This is the internet after all.

Yep, good rebuttal.

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