DC is already 16th out of all 29 HCs Lions have had

So zero guy is the glue guy that holds it all together… in that regard zero guy is very important to a team.


So zero guy is really not a zero kind of guy?!

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We sure have had our share of shitty coaching staffs through the years.


You look at the coaches that have come through here, though. Belichick, Glanville, Moore, Henning, Mooch, Caldwell, Martz, and, I still think Schwartz could be a great HC.
Its crazy that Tom Moore developed the Great Lakes offense here.

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Or while we had 29 different HC, Pitt has only had I think 4 since 1969!

Wow, that is something, which is better than nothing.

And some people were criticizing Jones for taking 0.

I wish my wife had a zero state of consciousness. :grinning:

Seriously, there is truth in those words
The world would be a better place if we all got a little closer to zero

Humility = zero mentality :thinking:

What is sad is:

Lions - 29 shitty coaches…well maybe 28 and 1 good (CDC is a work in progress)

Steelers - 3 HOF coaches…that is it, no one else since 1969…I get it Tomlin is not in yet but he will be. Dude is a freak. Never had a losing season.

So hopefully the Lions have finally found their coach. Here is to CDC being here 30 years and making us all forget “when the Lions sucked…LOL”


Good One Lol GIF by Justin

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