DE attrition in Cleveland

Looks like a decent trade partner for Okwara.


JOkwara for David Bell


Let’s keep our depth so we’re not in the same position. We’ve got games to play well into January :slight_smile:

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Do we have the space to roster him?

I was thinking he was talking Romeo… lil bro I don’t think is in their plans. Also don’t think he has trade value, at least not enough to land a player like Bell.

If Bell may not make the Browns. If not him then Anthony Schwartz though I’m not sure Schwartz does anything for us despite the world class speed.

I see the Browns have Mike Ford as a backup corner!

Ah the memories of him running around with his hair on fire. Sometimes he even ran to the right spot.

I didn’t know about Goodwin’s blood clots until just now. So Bell probably does make it. Unless they want Schwartz’ speed bc Goodwin is out. One of the two is getting cut though. And if we’re losing JOkwara for nothing it seems like a fair swap.

Though adding a WR late in camp probably doesn’t help us much early in the season when we may need the bump.

Usually a player swap would be with guys on expiring contracts and David Bell is entering his 2nd year after being picked at #99 in 2022. Maybe get a 7th or at least a conditional 7th from Cleveland or anyone who salutes? If we stay healthy…

JOkwara for a CB would work I like are WR room right now we will know better after couple preseason games Baring anything bad happening I like what we have JOkwara can be traded if we have a buyer.

lol- it is : I like OUR WR room.

our you giving yote a hard time?

Does anyone else smell a three-way trade coming between Detroit Minnesota in Cleveland?

nope no matter how it’s spelled.

Does it involve a Whizzinator on a sex cruise on a burning river on Devil’s Night?

That’s incredibly specific.