DE vs DT

I’m starting to see a trend in the posts about improving our defensive line this off season.

Some are chiming in with the need to address DT and some are chiming in with the need to address DE.

I can see the merit of both and maybe Holmes does address both, but if we only went with one or the other.

High level DT


High level DE

Which would you see as having the greatest impact? and why?

On a side note, CB is a given. This is about DL additions.


One of each please.


I always feel that the ELITE DT has the most impact because he is right in the QB face.

If you can collapse the pocket he can’t step up

If you can get quick pressure up the middle you destroy plays before they even begin

Also, batted balls over the middle…Chris Jones specialty.

Huge play


I think Chris Jones is a better football player than Danielle Hunter if that’s any consolation.


Honestly though I understand it’s difficult to spend big capital on both spots. But I still want to hit on both. Whether that’s draft one high plus hit on a mid-tier FA or vice versa, I see no reason why we can’t improve both, even if we have to do one for cheap.


Yes, I know, of course it would be great to get both. But if we only address one, either high level DE or high level DT, which one do you see as having more of an impact to improve our defense and getting after the QB? Which should be the goal. We have to get better at getting after the QB.

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DT :100:


I’ve always said im more of having an elite dline than an elite secondary. IMO you can roll with the secondary you currently have, maybe shift some people around. most of the horrible completions were ‘too much time’ for the qb.

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See I don’t think we’ll go into it thinking we can only have one or the other. I do think we might only be able to spend big capital on one spot and mid/low at the other, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hit on both. There’s no one way to do it.

So if we do something like Chris Jones + Adisa Isaac? I’m fine with that. Or if we do something like Brian Burns + DeWayne Carter, I’m OK with that too. Even if we did something like Dorance Armstrong + DeWayne Carter, I’d be fine with that too. Because I would expect them all to hit.

DT because we don’t have an interior rusher that operates at the level a proper interior rusher should. I’m not going to argue the point too much since I seem to offend people when I suggest that McNeil isn’t that guy.

Opposite Hutch we have Houston and Paschal to play OLB or DE. I want Highlight Carter to play 3-tech here. He’ll need to play with some 2-gap responsibility, but to be honest, I couldn’t care less about 2-gap play from my 3-tech. I want a penetrator at the UT position that makes the offense shift protections inside, improving the play/opportunities of the edge players.

Priority 1 along the DL, and it’s not even close, is DT.


I agree with all of that Jman. Getting pressure up the middle is huge, especially when you are dealing with a running QB, which we all know is a problem for us.

I saw some stats the other day on Chris Jones. He is a historically good pass rusher, on par with Suh (though not as good of a run stuffer). I don’t know if the Lions will pay what it takes to get him though.

Jones, and the right DE in the draft, and our line could be a special kind of good.


I say DT. We see too many times where a QB, especially a QB that can run, step up and buy more time to gash our DBs. I want a guy that can push the pocket causing the QB to rush or fold. I wanted Javon Hargreave (SF) so bad, last offseason. Also, with a good pass rushing DT: We can get by with Paschal on passing downs and/or Houston on running downs opposite of Hutch.

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100% a DT. A game wrecker inside is the easiest way to affect a QB.

We have our game wrecker outside in Hutch. If we have someone getting pressure up the middle it would lead to a lot more sacks for guys like hutch and Houston as the QB loses to ability to constantly just step up in the pocket to avoid outside pressure.

It would also lead to more strip sacks as well, IMO.

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Does it have to be on all three downs. Denico Autry does big chunks of his pass rush damage after sliding inside on passing downs.

DT will have the bigger impact with all being equal. Because you will line him next to Hutch and he will make Hutch better. Also if the Lions can collapse the pocket it will help the CB play. A quality DT should help us against the more mobile QB’s to. Our DT play is a large part why mobile QB’s are a problem for us.

AG leaves his CB on an island and doesn’t care if they give up yardage. His defense is designed to cause negative plays. We need a better DL more so than we need CB’s because of how AG’s defense is designed. But I suspect we will add both edge and DT’s this offseason.

I like McNeil but he’s not the guy in my opinion. If you pair him with a stud DT then he’s adequate. Problem with McNeil is that his game impact is inconsistent. He makes some plays but he’s also a liability… I’d like McNeil a lot better if he was in a rotational role.


You want someone that can be effective all 3 downs, though we’re still gonna have a heavy rotation of players. Levi was light for the position at 290, IMO. We’re probably looking closer to the 305/310 mark for a proper 3t. I wouldn’t freak out if we dipped below 300 in the draft, but you still need a dude that can stand up to the rigors of the position without withering away by game’s end.

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See I think do think Alim is that guy. He just needs to be augmented from a pass rush point of view. I do understand that you have a different read on it.


need the pocket to look like this.

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