Deandre Baker

All the charges were dropped against him. Should we go after him?

He’s a Chief.

His check must have cleared.


He’s on their PS so anyone can sign him to their 53 man team.

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They arrested Dunbars attorney.

Attorney William Dean, a partner at Ford, Dean & Rotundo, P.A. in North Miami Beach, allegedly asked Baker to pay off three of the alleged victims. Now prosecutors say it was all part of Dean’s under-the-table deal to have the alleged victims recant their accusations.

They can protect him from being poached of the PS …I would . Solid player with Gobs of talent .

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I believe the player has to agree to it too. Most players agree because it’s more $ to be on the active roster. Some prefer the fit or loyalty.

Teams can still sign players from other practice squads and put them on their 53-man roster, but each week, teams can protect up to four players from being signed by other teams. So if a team has a proven veteran on its practice squad, it can protect him from being signed by a team that would like to sign him.

It doesn’t say that the player has a choice, but it also doesn’t say that they don’t. I assume they don’t in the protection scenario though.

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They become unprotected at the end of their weekly game and can’t be protected again until Tuesday. So they can still be poached on Monday. If they are not poached on Monday than their team can protect them again on Tuesday.

However my understanding is the player has to agree to the extra compensation and protection.