Dear Santa- the Den would like

Armchair GM/HC be damned… this is how we can finish strong, and fortify our position for 2024 and beyond…

  • If CJ is medically cleared, and in game shape, he should get at least 30 snaps next week

  • Iffy should be on the field until he proves otherwise, and if/when Walker gets his snaps, judge him solely on those, not prior to injury or 2023 season form… maybe losing his starting spot triggers something… maybe not

  • Micah Parsons and Kevin Stefanski (on behalf of Parsons) both had public tantrums regarding being constantly held. Maybe the forum bitching on Hutch’s behalf has a point, but it seems like the league has decided to allow it across the board, to either increase scoring or keep more QBs healthy? Either way… of the guys with double digit sacks, most are movable piece type guys like Watt, Parsons, Mack, Reddick, vs traditional hand in the dirt every play like Garrett…. Also other than Crosby they are mostly very quick… win early type guys who never get into the OTs body to begin with. Houston should help a lot… but until then we should be stunting and moving Hutch around and standing him up. If the league isn’t going to call it, complaining isn’t going to help!

  • I’d like to see as much inline TE, or even 2 TE with Monty in the backfield and Goff under center as possible this week. When does Gibby come in? When Monty is tired and has 70 yards in the first half. Don’t force 3-4 WR sets and shotgun looks with empty backfields. Blitzing a LB or safety against our 5 man OL with no pass pro RB help has been futile. Teams have 4-5 in zone, we have 3-4 in routes, and no time to throw long developing routes. If LaPorta stays in to block… then slides into an open zone after play action, those are 8-10 plus yard chunks.

  • stop calling WR and TE screens on quick hitters with more defenders than blockers blanketing the area. Again- futile.

  • let’s at least see what Gilmore can do…. Once upon a time Jacobs was that guy and he overachieved and we fell in love. Buggs and Jones too, but I’d rather see their snaps go to Levi and Bro Matt to some extent to see if snaps lead to growth? We have to assume their ceilings are higher and so far are DT play has been such a low floor with Lim, it can’t be worse.

  • Brad… we need to show Ra, Jackson, and possibly Alim the money…. Talk to Goff about what the extension looks like and when- and bring back Glasgow. Reynolds, DPJ, CJ too, but at the right price. Then the draft should be DT, OL, CB, OL…. RB Get a top DE, CB, and S in FA ( possibly CJGJ). If we have a 3 year window with elite OL play and depth- a two headed monster at RB and high end QB play and depth……

Adding D Hunter/Mack…. A top CB, drafting a DT in round 1-2…. And a CB in 3…. We should be in great shape for 2-3 on both sides.

If the Mack, CJ, and FA CB contracts are front loaded, by the time Goff, Ra, Sewell and Lim numbers increase a lot, those guys will be off our books. Sweat can be cut to save money by 2025 if they want.



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Goff to have a Joe Flacco 2012 post season this year.

I’d like a red ryder bb gun.

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I would like a bowl. Preferably a super one…with lions demolishing some sort of blackbird.

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Win the division, win a playoff game and don’t get your doors blown off the 2nd week of the playoffs

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I hate that some poster’s choose to cut myself or others down for speaking their minds… I am aware Brad is a better GM and Dan a better HC than I could ever be… but it doesn’t mean that myself and many of you aren’t capable of seeing their FAULTS or even simply blind spots…

If Fields and Love prove to be “HIM” to quote so many silly posts and teenage using that phrase, and with you and improving defenses and weapons, and Chicago having TONS of draft capital and bags and bags of cap space… and Green Bay being younger… doesn’t that impact “OUR WINDOW” a touch?

This slow and steady build only works if everyone else stays still…

Buffalo probably felt damn good about where they were with Allen and Mahomes set to duel for years to come right? Then out of left field coming Burrow in year 2??? Okay it’s a 3 horse race right? Wait a second… now the Jags have T Law and a defense, along with a few 1,000 plus yard weapons… Suddenly a Demeco Ryans hire, and a CJ Stroud arrival on the scene and could the Texans be in the conversation next year?

Hold on wait!!! I was sure Tua’s career was over… his brain was scrambled wasn’t it? Now he’s in the MVP hunt, and suddenly the not so quite additions of Chubb, Ramsey, and Ty Hill along with the explosive low key moves to get Mostert and Achane have Buffalo in 2nd lien position… IN THEIR DIVISION- not their conference…

Is Buffalo’s window closed already? What about Philly? What if their defense falters further, and they got their brakes beat off in the playoffs… All those voided year dollars coming… Could the window be closing before Hurts even hits their books for his 250MM?

Win while you can, and banners fly forever fellas…

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yes please sir

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