Decent dead time question? Who’s better 2020? O or D?

I think both improve but off. “Should” be much better 2nd yr into Bevells world.

What you think?!

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Offense by a wide margin


Yep imho they should rock…

Matt above 4500 35/10 ration

Rushing - just break 1500 for the yr but we could get to 1800+!!


19-0 until proven otherwise!

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Offense easily.

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If Stafford stays healthy, offense.

If not, it’s a toss up.

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I believe this could be the best offensive season we’ve had since 2011… We just need the defense to not shit the bed and rank at least 20th.


Most will say it’s the offense but I gotta go with the D. The D has improved on every level by a wide margin. We now have way more flexibility in terms of personnel with depth that just wasn’t there last year. We basically added Collins, Okwara, Harmon, Hand, Trufant, Okudah, Williams/Shelton and lost Snacks and Slay who both didn’t want to be here and were coming off subpar seasons. That’s 7 or 8 new starters. We have the depth and versatility to run a base 3-4 or 4-3 with ease. We have a great nickel CB. Walker is insanely under valued. Harris can play the LB/SS hybrid role. MP and Undlin have everything required to have a great defense.
With all that being said, I think our offense has everything required to be a top ten unit in this league.


I’d say offense. We’ve made some significant upgrades on defense, but we have on offense as well and Bevell is much better at scheming offense than Patricia is at scheming defense I’m afraid…

Our secondary has gotta be pretty decent this year, right? I am trying to think in years past our best corner duo or trio…Dre Bly and Rashean Mathis or was it Slay and Rashean? I forget. Who was in the slot during that time? I gotta believe our corners this year are the best trio we have ever had and I wouldn’t sleep on Oruwariye. Duron Harmon is a ball hawk and I think Tracy Walker is pretty good as well. I also gotta believe Jamie Collins is going to be effective in this system. Danny Shelton for that matter too. Da Shawn Hand had a great rookie year, cross our fingers he comes back to similar form. I guess we will just have to wait and see…but I will say the Offense. I love Bevell, when he gets plucked from us just like we plucked Matt Patricia it will be a sad day. Just how it goes around the league, teams love to pluck coordinators away from other teams for HC positions. If our defense shits the bed and we are thinking a new HC hire, I would promote Bevell.

Offense. The D has a lot to prove after last year.

Based on the OP’s question it’s hard to not say offense. (Who is better?) They could definitely be top 5-10. The defense… to get to top 5-10 would have to make huge strides in competency and efficiency.

I do think it’s quite possible (Maybe even probable) that the defense improves more this season than the offense improves compared to last season. All of which would bode well for the Lions post-season hopes… if there even is such a thing… I just have season hopes at this point.

On the defensive side, I think many posts have already hashed out the additions… I do think our defensive backfield may well turn out to be the best most of us have seen. However, we all know… the drastic improvement in the defense as a whole, will Be predicated on the front 7, and their improvement. I hope they cut Davis honestly… I trust Ragland more, unless they can dial up a lot more blitzes for Davis. I also think Undlin is the wildcard… I think he’ll be more relatable to the players than Father Time (PP).

I will add… if the front seven can seriously up their game… The DBS will look really good… and the offense will get more opportunities… and that is what those of us who are fans are really hoping for !

I think many are underestimating Patricia
I don’t think he comes here and suddenly goes stupid
If the defense sucks again this year I will be concerned but I believe there was a ton of bad luck last year with the injuries and players not performing to expectations
Assuming Patricia has roughly the right pieces this year I think we’ll see more of what this defense is capable of. This is year 3. So it has to start showing itself.
Year 1 he did not have the right players
Year 2 injuries and poor performances by key players
Year 3 — show time
I’m confident we will start to see the real Patricia defense
If that happens and everyone credits Undlin, so be it
It doesn’t matter

Obviously the expectations are that the offense will be the stronger unit
And they should be

I bloody well hope we have a season this year and that COVID does not become the overriding factor. If this was a normal year, I think the Lions are primed to make a playoff appearance


Yep. Never-mind the personnel changes, “it must be Undlin”. That’s OK, though. I don’t care what the narrative becomes at this point as long as they’re winning.

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