Defense Question

Thinking a bit outside the box here.
With Duce returning, Iffy playing great, Branch playing like a DB/LB, and Kerby as the center fielder.
Do we have a strong enough LB core and DL to play the dime defense on the majority of 2nd and 3rd downs?
Pascual is strong as a bull, Benito and Buggs are great run stoppers and Comminsky can plug the line as well. Campbell and Alex are strong run stoppers at LB.
I am convinced the only way Dallas beats us is thru the air, playing our best DB’s on 2nd and 3rd can give Dak fits through the game.
Is this a possibility, or have I started drinking too much kool-aid?


Definitely possible. Last season we played 2 linebackers a ton. This year we have played a lot more 3 linebacker sets. It sure has helped stop the run but the secondary still giving up huge passing numbers

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We can’t allow Dak to play his game:

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