Defensie end need trade?

before the trade dead line–do you think the lion go for an edge rusher–or–maybe wait till draft time. also possible senario do you,think they try to replace daniels who right now is just sitting on the side line with right foot ,then left foot problems??? or ,look to shore up the offensive like so we can run the ball better -----asking for a friend LOL

my bad got name mixed—ment harrison

  1. They should get Hand back this week or next.

  2. They should get Bryant back for the Lions 8th game in Oakland, I’m hoping they allow him to practice this week cuz his 6 weeks are up.

  3. Daniels will return eventually, couldn’t say what shape he’ll be in though.

Sooo, I wouldn’t bitch if the Lions traded for a pass rusher, but I wouldn’t bitch if they didn’t either. Depending on who it is, the Lions might have to give up a high draft pick next year and I’m not sure the need is that great considering they have some reinforcements coming.

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