Defensive game plan conversation

Someone please help me understand why we don’t pressure? We have the lowest blitz % in the league and also the worst defense in the league? Perhaps there might be a correlation. All season long we have given up a ridiculous amount of yards and allow EVERYONE to keep converting 3rd downs.

I’m just curious what the conversation is in the defensive coaches room before a game. Are they looking at the same statistics as the rest of us? Do they honestly all just nod their heads in agreement that the current plan is working??

something needs to change- our personnel isn’t that bad, even injured. We have better pieces to play than what it is looking like out there. Easily a winnable game over an overrated Cowboy team. Mathew plays vs Bears…we win. D shows up at all, today…we win. Couple that with the 2 wins the refs took from us, and you can see lots of room for optimism. We need a DC very, very badly. Our defensive strategy is terrible.

It’s hard to tell. Part of me says it’s coaching and injuries. The other part of me says it’s the talent. Flowers has looked good lately.

I agree flowers has played much better. Very concerned of the way he went out today’s game. Hopefully he didn’t re-injure that shoulder that he’s had surgery on in the offseason but it sure look like that

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Since we’re talking defensive game plan…

What was up with that one big gainer to Cobb in which nobody was lined up over him and Davis had to scramble to try and catch up? Somebody in the secondary missed an assignment, right? I want to think so but at this point my confidence in the defensive coaching is so shot that I can’t be sure.