Defensive Rebuild is Simple Really

Its simple really. Spend all of our money in free agency this year on defense just like Jacksonville did last off season.


Sure. It’s that simple. Free agents acquisitions always turn out great.


Lyonfan, I think his fix was easier to read than yours. Ipso Facto, it must be better.

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Actually kind of…ya

D Payne is an intense dude. He’s good vs the run and gets 3-5 sacks. Check! He will be expensive, but he will immediately give us a solid tandem of DTs, and Levi could prove to be icing… resign Cominsky to round it out.

V Bell is a veteran enforcer back there and his ball skills have clearly improved.

I love Peters and Bradberry for that vet dawg ballhawk CB. Like Bly or R Mathis.

It won’t be cheap, but it would fix D, and let us draft a guy like M Murphy to bookend Hutch and J Campbell as our coverage thumper at LB

Add those 5 guys.

Brockers, Cabinda, Romeo and Big V free up 26M plus

Payne -7M
Bradberry- 8M
Bell- 8M

Jamal Williams- 2.5M

First year hits- that’s my big UFA plan.

  1. M Murphy

Trade Rams pick to end of rd 1 and add late 2nd…

  1. CB
  2. RB
  3. D Sanders
  4. J Campbell
  5. Z Zinter
  6. WR
  7. QB
  8. K


Yeah not simple, you’re right. That being said good draft picks paired with solid FA signings gives you a chance. Instead the Lions just choose 3-6 year “rebuilds” draft & develop…

I guess it makes sense why many consider the draft the Lion’s super bowl

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Well they probably turn out better if you didn’t get most of them off a 3 win team or ones that come with injury’s before they play.

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I’ll would be extremely happy with Payne and Bell. but we will sign some first Rd bust with a injury history on the cheap. Your one of Holmes up and comers that never really up and comes.

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I do think we need to improve the secondary via free agency. At safety I’ve brought up:

Mike Edwards $$$
Vonn Bell $$
Andrew Wingard $

Then we need to add an outisde CB. Cam Sutton perhaps? Maybe a nickle but I’m pretty bullish on Lucas.

My point was just that FA is an inexact science.

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Lols but we will sign the next Mike Hughes and probably skip the DT I’m sure Levi will be ready year 3 .
It’s not odd that Cominsky is our best defensive signing is it that he’s that good ?
or is i it just that every other defensive signing sucked that bad. Holmes isn’t gonna improve this team, every year will be but but next year.

Holmes is the king of the walking wounded. Or or up and comer that don’t up and come. What you will never see is him actually signing a top talent. He’s got to much smartest guy in the room syndrome.

Holmes would have made a good fit with Marnelli the have similar philosophys. Try to get the worse players in the league.

Just like Bob Quinn did!! It’ll work great!

Lord knows we don’t want Holmes to pickup another FA WR! 1-4


Claiming Reynolds off waivers was the only WR move that worked.

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Yes to all of this except we are taking Stroud or Young if they are in the board in round 1.

To be fair, Bob Quinn was mid.

Think those numbers are really low, read Bell’s market value was 12-16 M


Yeah and Payne for 7 not happening

But love the players

I have D Payne at 5 yard and 82.5M or 16.5M per year. A hair above what Jonathan Allen got due to inflation. Lol

JC Jackson got 5 years and 82.5M last year and his 2022 cal hit is 8M- so call it 8M vs 7M I guess?

I don’t see Vonn Bell getting more than 10M per on a multi year at 29 yrs old. Honey badger got 3 years and 33M at age 30? Close to that?

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Just doing it all wrong for 30 years for shits & giggles…Rip.

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I think the bigger issue for this club is figuring out what it wants to be AND determining how their current investment fits in that.

Do they want to be a 3-4 team like they began last year as?
Or, do they want to be a 4-down pressure front like they tried and failed at so far this year?

Do you want to cover up your off-ball LB’s with down linemen so they are free to cover and make plays? Or, do you want them to take on 300+ lb blockers because your interior linemen took a single gap and let a Guard free to attack the 2nd level?

Rebuild is absolutely not simple, really. Have a vision or an identity and build toward it.

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