Demaryius Thomas passed away

33 years old. My wife watched that reality show with Eric Decker’s wife. Demaryius was
often on it and seemed like a really, really good dude. Very sad. RIP Demaryius.

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Wow so sad!

Of his 777 career catches (both regular season & playoffs), is there any one catch more memorable than this one?


Does from a seizure while taking a shower. I guess he’s been suffering from them.

Seizures, eh? Sad. Makes you want to understand what kind of injuries he has seen through his playing days, beginning with youth football. Often the NFL becomes the target of concussion talk, but as a concerned parent, I’d like to know all of the history, not just the easy target$. Not to detail the thread. It is sad and I’d really like for us to know.

33 years old, way too young. RIP DT - So many young athletes dying young these days.

Here is a FANTASTIC read on him!!! Spend a few minutes scrolling thru this. Demaryius survived and thrived:

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And no coincidences in my opinion that Tim Tebow is on first take right now…. First time he is on the show and he gets to rep his brother solid!

God is good baby!


Sad to hear this. Was a great player and so young.

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