Running it back again this year. Anybody that was in it last year you got first dibs. Anybody that wants out let me know. If we have not enough guys we will let @Mr.Peabody pick for the shit teams that have no picks lol. If somebody wasn’t in last year & we are filled up, they can tag team with me…I’ll take GB Packers since I’m a slut for the draft.

DEN MOCK BOARD DRAFT who’s coming with me?

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I don’t know if I did this last year, but I want in!

I will draft for the Packers or the Vikes

Long snappers early and often

I will take the colts again

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2023 thread

No, If not mistaken I had the packers last year. SIL is a huge fan

I’m up for it. Any team will be fine with me and I presume we’ll all vote on the Lions pick.

I had the Bengals last year apparently, so I’ll run it back! Gotta replace Reader!

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Feel free to be the Bear’s slut

I’ll take the Falcons to help my boy Kirko Chains

Since I did the Cowboys last year and correctly picked Mazi Smith for them I’ll take the cowboys again.

I literally already called the Packers and you coulda took the other NFCN team that has like 48 picks but you decided to go wit the Shitqueens?

Of course… I’m trading up for the worst QB in the draft… duhhhhhhh

Pick one or I will just randomly assign you to one.

I ain’t drafting for Chicago,lol.

I’ll do Jacksonville

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Nice i got Arizona, thank you @Jman

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3 rounds?

Random is fine with me.