Den OLD SCHOOL Fantasy Football League Champ

Quick Brag post for a couple of guys who did a great job in the 13th year-

@REMRebound for winning the regular season, which gets you a Laurel, and Hardy handshake

and @JimLiohey for Boat Racing his opponent in the finals, 143 to 60.

Drinking the Kool Aid Works!

Trailer Park Boys Beer GIF by hero0fwar


Congrats boys

Shout out @CuriousHusker he owe’s me a self made 2024 draft guide

I’ll start working on it the moment we are eliminated.

Congrats. Was a tough fantasy year with more injuries than any other year it seemed. My home league I had 5 players go out for the season this year on that roster.

Let’s change up some rules and do a little more scoring. Too many good RB’s stuck on benches because we don’t have a flex.

Good job brothers! Weas - early notice that you need a replacement for me next year. My FF days are over…for now.


Thank you!
For all the peeps in my leagues I am not announcing anything until the ESPN league finishes.

I am still pissed about Brock Fing Purdy single-handedly knocking me out of the playoffs. (Went into the SF Baltimore game like 8 points behind weasel with my win, purdy, still to play. It… did not work out so hot.)

But I would’ve gotten my ass kicked this weekend anyway. So I guess I was spared that embarrassment? Congrats to jim and weasel, and staman who edged me out for 3rd. Good season everybody. In all seriousness, this is an awesome league with no easy outs, ever.

Also I’m keeping chase and Jefferson dammit!


Edged out is putting it politely :slight_smile:

Made wrong decision on QB in semifinals or would have won the whole thing. Guess having 2 qbs is like having no qbs…

Stupid Tua over Jackson

That’s the 3rd 3rd place in 4 years for Starman…dude is always right in it. The other 3rd was me.

Oh and I was the guy asswhipped by Jim for the title. Broke my 3Peat try…

REM is right, that league is no easy outs at all…I think I was 6th in points but bascially lucked into the last playoff slot in 4th. MyLions is always up there, Wes knows his shit as does everyone. We will have an open spot but someone with an A game will be needed


@REMRebound @Weaselpuppy
This is some secondary info.
Give the people what the news they REALLY want… What is the release date of the mod calendar?


Sorry I meant “got a career day from ceedee lamb and some scrap heap TE while my stud receivers decided to sit this one out.”

Have I mentioned I hate fantasy football???

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That reminded of a 10 team fantasy baseball league I was in. In 5 years, I finished second once and third 4x. Always had plenty of hitting, but usually short in the pitching dept.

Congrats on a great year fellas! In a tough season y’all managed your rosters well and it paid off in the end. Great job guys.

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