Denmentia in 2018

We all to some degree or another, at times forget to extend a brotherly courtesy to all our equally weary and frustrated Den Mates along for this verrrrry long ride of being a Lions fan.

I call this long term, trauma induced Denmentia. This year has been rough for us all, and I have not been the normally suave, debonair Cary Grant pillar of classiness I am usually ( at least in my mind). No excuses, even though It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Weezy on some days…

Let’s all have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year filled with good Lions news and continued Good Cheer among our fellow Denmentia sufferers.

As the Philosopher-Sage of San Dimas,Ted, once said;

Be Excellent to Each Other.


As Camus once write, ‘there is no pain, which cannot be surmounted with scorn’

Love this. Thanks, Weasel.

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