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Well we all talked about some names in trade topics that could help us. Well several reports are coming out that Denver is on the verge of a fire sale so to speak. CB Harris, DE Wolfe, WR Sanders and maybe even Von Miller are likely going to be available. We could actually use any one of these guys. Obviously Miller being the big prize. I would say Harris is least likely and will land in a place like kc or philly (both were trying to get fitz and Ramsey) .
I would seriously love getting either Miller or Sanders

I highly doubt the Broncos would trade Harris to a division rival in KC.

But it’s been interesting to watch how John Elway looked like one of the best GMs in football right out the gates and now all of a sudden his teams are so bad. Maybe I have the dates wrong that he took over the team, but I could swear he was the one that picked up many of the key players when they were winning. Maybe even the coaches? I’ve seen GMs fall off because the previous GM made the key moves and the new GM got the credit but the team slowly fell apart. I can’t recall a GM who literally climbed to the top and drove his team to the bottom on his own.

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Sanders is on last year of his deal. He would be a good fit here IMO. Miller is a no brainer. This guy is a HOFer and a premier pass rusher. It would be a franchise changing move and a move that can put a team over the top.

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Must’ve been all Brian Xanders :joy:

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To me we are the bears last year, only better. Both picked to be last. We’ve shown that seems to be wrong, we are better than that. But like the bears who went and changed their destiny by getting Mack, we could change ours with Miller.

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Sanders and Miller would each be a fantastic addition. Miller would be the bigger addition, but Sanders would bring our offense up another level and boy would he be fun to watch. Cost would be lower as well for trading for him in comparison to try to get Miller.

I like Wolfe as well, he would be a nice add to our DL Injury history is the main concerb.

Miller is getting older though. Wonder how long Miller will be Miller? Damn sure would help us for 1-3 years

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As much as I’d like Miller I’m not sure I could give a 1st round pick and potentially more as he is already 30. Maybe a conditional 2nd round pick and a 2021 4th? I don’t know. Interested in a lot of Denver’s talent right now, it would be good to add any of these guys at the right price.


I would love to see Miller here. But the first round pick is something I wouldn’t prefer to get rid of because of his age. But he would be amazing in the Patricia defense and could put this defense over the top for the next 2-3 years. Is that worth a first? Maybe!

Emmanuel Sanders would be great as well. I wouldn’t think he would cost much in draft capital because he is also 30+.

Both of these additions could bring our offense and defense to the next level. Who else on the Broncos is worth trading for?