Denver is clueless

Hard to believe that staff is still there after this year. That “other” Iowa TE, Fant, was targeted 7x with 1 reception last night. Fake punt, a QB who had no time to throw and fumbled like it was his job, just a mess. If we are in it when we play there, it might be the only game I go to this year.

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I lived in Ft Collins for some of the Elway years and have been a fan ever since. This is a long way from being repairable.

I live on the north of Denver on the edge of of the urban sprawl in Thornton.

My neighbor is taking me to the game. He has season tickets and says they’re on one of the upper levels. Can’t remember the section.

The Broncos have had some amazing runs over the years. But they have been pretty awful the past few years. I’m curious to see what changes are made when they settle the ownership situation. Many think Elway will be gone in a year or two…especially if the team is sold.

If you make it to the game we should ct et a beer…or two. There are others that have talked about going as well, so we’ll see how many members here make it to this game.

Sure thing. Last time I was there Joey was the QB. Met Jared DeVries wife in the parking lot, she was very pregnant at the time.

You got Jared Devries wife pregnant in the parking lot? (this is how rumors get started) :joy:

Why yes, yes I did.

John Elway = Joe Dumars!

Dumars has a title as president…

As does John Elway

The both kind of had the same success in the front office. Build winners and then dissolve the team into a dumpster fire…not intentionally of course, but nonetheless.

Forgot he got it the second time…