Deone Buchanon available

At this point I wonder if there is something wrong with his off the field habits. It was one thing to say the previous staff didn’t know how to use him. But its another thing when he’s back with Bruce Arians and they release him this quickly. Something is up.

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A problem, mayhap, you know New England succeeds with cast-offs.

New England succeeds. Some guys are just along for the ride.

I’m racking my brain as to how many guys of a similar storyline that the Pats have picked up and the player was successful with them. When you get released after 5 games with a new team, that’s a little different than most other trades and cuts and puts him in a small group of players. Its even smaller when the guy gets released by the same HC that drafted him (different team). And as far as I can tell, this wasn’t a money saving move. I don’t think they get any savings from cutting him. It was literally a case of thinking any random guy they pick up off the street is going to be better for the team that Deone.

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Unless we get injuries at linebacker I don’t see it happening. Even if we get injuries at safety we’ve got pretty good depth back there and he wouldn’t play in front of our top three guys maybe not even top for 5