Depressed(due to loss):drinking!

should i keep drinking until the lions win ? or stop drinking now,and start drinking again when the lions win ? thx

I think they will win next week so plan accordingly

Words to live by and you’re welcome. LOL

Stopped drinking 21 years ago!

So My answer is don’t! :upside_down_face:. Save the money and headaches!!

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Hopefully NOLA doesn’t have AG defense trends figured out. Which most teams do. Maybe AG switches up his defense but I doubt it.

Otherwise it is going to be a long 2-3 weeks for ya! Better stock up on the half gallons.

What makes you think this thread is going to end any differently than the other threads you’ve made about drinking?


Maybe AI should flagging these posts. Literally everyone started is about drinking…

How about ya just go back under your rock.
Nobody cares what ya do.

Looks like you could join Buggs in Atlanta at midnight at some random gas station I am sure he was partying last night! Seems he has checked out.

This site is not an appropriate place to seek help regarding drinking and depression.

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