Derrick Barnett if he clears waviers?

Do we sign him. We are desperate!

Hell GIF by Steve Harvey TV

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I’m compelled.

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You’re compelled to add another version of the same exact player we have too many of already?

How is it that Barnett is surrounded by talent all over the defensive line and he still can’t get any production?

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I’m compelled to literally add anything at this point.

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I am too but I’m not sure Derek Barnett counts as “adding” something.

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Fair enough.

I think we have to think about it. 27yo former 1st rd pick. Had not had a lot of opportunities this season to see the field.

Looks like he had cleared waivers. Hoping Holmes looks into it.

What do you have to lose? Are pass rush is dog ass.

Maybe fresh opportunity help him bring a little juice to a new team.

Hell no! They’re waiving him because his head is not in the game. We don’t need scrubs. We need for our 2nd and 3rd stringers to play better.

As pissed as we are about the GB loss, the Lions have won 73% of their games. They’ve done so without CJGJ or Mosley or James Houston and on Thursday without our all-pro LG. Contrary to the headlines, we’ve been down 3 starters all year and 4 yesterday.

There’s exactly 1 team in the NFL with a better record than us. So, I think that our new DL coach isn’t as effective as our old DL coach and I think that upgraded secondary we bought in the offseason has only played in two games.

I guess we just roll with are 36 yo Bruce Irvin! Hopefully he can give us 15 snaps a game.

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If we sign him, he will probably get screwed out of playing time by Jack Campbell


Oh what the hell yes!

He’s exactly the kind of guy we sign and who will play lights out the rest of the year, sign a 2 year contract, and then gives us 1.5 sacks in 17 games next year.

*laughs in Bob Quinn voice

Hey I am all in on signing anyone to help this pass rush out, this season. If he can get a fresh start and perform the way he did to start his career sign me up.

Look at Charles Harris and Romeo stats combine they are horrible

Been keeping tabs on Barnett have not seen any news about him going anywhere. Either hear something today or tomorrow if he is going to sign anywhere since that is usually when you see teams bring guys in.

He was better than Clowney was last year and he had a sack in the last game he’s played.

The Lions season ended on October 31 at 4:01 pm EST