Deshaun Watson getting handsy with The Help..again

The previous 25 times apparently required a hanky, this one did too, but didn’t happen…hmmmm…

Well, to be fair, those last times he didn’t use his hands…

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Most likely, just a fine. Nothing really malicious.

He did a nice job of shedding the ref though…

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Didn’t get a happy ending last night either

The clickbait title got me @Weaselpuppy

Well played!

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Who knew that Copywriting class in my Advertising major would come in so handy after not actually, you know, going into advertising.

Thanks Internet!

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That damn other ref pushed his ref buddy into Watson!

I may have to retract this meme…

Watson was medically cleared to play Sunday….
chose to sit out.

$240 million guaranteed doesn’t buy a lot of courage any longer…

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Oh, fully guaranteed contract.

Have fun with that.


Very interesting that the coach went public with that. Essentially calling Watson out.

Not sure what you gain by airing that to the media. That could easily cause Browns fans to turn on the QB.

Imagine Coach Campbell said Goff was cleared to play but he didn’t want to go. Yikes.