Deshaun Watson spotted in a dolphins T-shirt

I bet this sparks speculation that he could be traded to Mia.

How about this twist. Mia drafts Tua and trades him to Houston for Watson.

I also think it will spark speculation that he needs different sandals. Seriously Deshaun, waist down your ensemble is standard sorority casual wear. He must be on his way to Menchie’s for a vanilla tart cherry swirl while saying “like” and “totally” a couple dozen times.

He’s probably bored and wanted to have some fun with people. He knows wearing apparel for any team besides the Texans will set off the media machine.

Man with BOB running the show over in H-town anything’s possible!

He’s probably owned that shirt for quite a few years, that’s Dan Marino on the front.

I’m not sure how to classify this … what exactly is this other than a waste of everyone’s time?
I could never put my name to something like this

I’m thinking it’s payback for the Hopkins trade.

If HOU was willing to trade Hopkins so cheap Mia can probably get Watson for a late 2nd rounder.