So we exercised the ghost of Stafford last night. Who before last night was the greatest QB in our history (at least in most of lifetimes). And he played like the dude we love , such a tough performance. But we overcame and the legend of Goff is here (we will see how the rest plays out)

Next up has to be the Eagles, so we can flush the worst coach in Lions history down the memory hole. And as a bonus validate Holmes for not picking all those Georgia defensive studs that have been we suddenly don’t hear about on this board anymore…

And finally, there is one thing left. Beat the Packers to get to the Super Bowl. In overtime. While shoving the whistle down the throat of the Ref who’s been screwing us all game…

Also pretty sure that is some end times **** right there. So looking to invest in a doomsday bunker. It will have a Lions banner in it…

That would mean a third home game for the playoffs.

So, you’re saying three home games in the 2023/24 playoffs, ok, I will take that.
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I think it’s the only way. We have no demons with San Fran. Beating the Pack is the ultimate exorcism.

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