Detroit Lions add 2 front office employees, including popular GM candidate



Joseph could net us a couple of beans down the road.


I find it hard to believe that Ray Agnew didn’t get any GM interviews last cycle, and I have to believe that will not be the case this time around. Having talented people on board that will help to competitively promote from within is always a great thing.

They just have to keep Dorsey though, no matter what. I need to see his latest prank calls during the draft. :laughing:

Knowing Agnew personally and the close relationship with Holmes, he may be content in his current position. Not everyone wants to be a supervisor imo.


That’s a great point, and something I really wasn’t taking into consideration. If that is the case, we’re very fortunate.

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Agnew may be getting ready to hang 'em up?

He’s only 56 years old.

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The Lions lost some talent in their scouting dept so this was necessary.

Right now Detroit is a destination of interest and I’m glad to see us capitalizing on it.


56 is young but if he was smart with his money it’s not a bad age to retire at all. Most of us would retire tomorrow if we could manage it. :sunglasses:

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Other possibilities arise in life. I HAD to retire at 50.

He’s trying to grow into his own GM opportunity.

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That’s cute

I’m sorry to hear that man. I may be in the same boat unfortunately. We’ll see how the next year or two go.

Retired at 50. Loving it.

The porn business is rough.

It’s always been good to me.

I’ll keep you in my prayers.
Retirement has mostly sucked. There is definitely something to be said for having something to occupy your time.

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