Detroit Lions are still a good team. They're just back to reality

Another one from Birkett:

And one from Monarrez:

We are still a good team, just have a few holes that can be exposed. We’re still in the fight and in good position . With a little help at a couple positions , we have capability to compete for the Superbowl if we can fix a couple spots. If not we’re a couple guys short of competing with top teams. Imo


The team roster has been dramatically improved from the time this front office/coaching staff started. Seriously improved, there are still holes and things that need to be improved and injuries in those areas, DB’s, expose other potential issues.

10-7 was my projection prior to the season and will continue to leave it there, won’t be shocked if we get to 12 even after Baltimore.
But this is progressing in the right direction.

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Yeah, the football season will whiplash you around. No surprise there until it happens.

We’re 5-2 with a 2 game lead in the NFC North. We’ve come a long way in a short time. The goal post for this season is still to win the NFC North and win a playoff game? I want gravy like everyone else, but that’s success this year.

On to the Raiders…

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I agree!

We need

  1. DE
  2. GUARD (Jonah plays and result still the same imo)
  3. WR another reliable option
  4. Corner
  5. DT

We are good but not great. With a healthy roster we are 2-3 studs away from being great.

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Hell I expect us to get at least 12 now I don’t see 3 more losses unless we get even more unhealthy.


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