Detroit Lions Current Salary Cap for 2023

So now the 53 man roster is out the Regular season cap rules apply.
Off/Preseason its only top 51 contracts and dead cap.
Regular season its EVERYONE.

Total cap space $227.21M
53 Contracts $184.21M
Dead Cap $20.87M
NFL List $4.51M
IR $3.02
Estimated Practice Squad $4.00M
Total Hit $216.61

Total space $10.61M

So if the lions are to take on a big name free agent they need to clear that $10.61m

Also for 2024.
Total players signed 32
Total estimated cap space $50.61M

Note numbers taken from

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So, with that said, how do we add Christian Wilkins from the Dolphins?

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without restructures?

you backload that bitch, which is risky as ■■■■

Is there any contract we can restructure outside of Goff?

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It was a comment somewhat tongue in cheek as I had just read the Dolphins may look to move him.

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