Detroit Lions elevate kicker, tight end for Vikings game

Notably, Irvin not elevated. Saving him for Dallas?

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Brock Wright out opened up that blocking TE spot. Makes sense

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Only get 3 free elevations so I think ur right

We are actually extremely healthy compared to most teams…

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He has the worst blocking grade per PFF over and over every game. He has been serviceable but this next draft may very well be about position upgrades and he and Mitchell are no big deal.

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With the Vikes starting slot CB out I am expecting a lot of targets to our TE’s. Could be a big game for Laporta.

The Lions play Skipper as a blocking TE/OT a lot to and declare him an eligible receiver. I’ve been expecting a trick pass play to him at some point. This game is setting up perfectly for it.

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True but they scored 9 TDs last year.

LaPorta is so freaken good they cant see the field.

Such a great problem to have

They play out of the 12 plenty and the thing is, every time this year he’s been called on he’s got it done as a receiver. His blocking is an issue. No problem, take Luke Lachey in the draft, get rid of Mitchell, and be done with it.

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It’s going to be very interesting to see how they choose to attack this weakened Vikings Defense. Personally, with several questionable tags, I’d give them a heavy dose of Montgomery early on, grind out some long drives, put their offense in negative game script and just chew them up.

Thing is, with so many weapons, it’s hard to say how they will attack. What a luxury to have. I’m glad I’m not the Vikings Defensive Coordinator tomorrow. :sweat_smile:


The Vikes have 3 safeties in the probowl voting so we’re going to have to run it early and often. We will have a heavy dose of the run game. But I also expect us to attack the underneath with our TE’s.


On Laporta’s last TD vs the Broncos, I swore Skipper was illegally downfield. No way he could get to Sam to congratulate him so fast.
Replay showed, he was a TE and ran a route.
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For me, Goff needs to get the right play at the LOS……

I want TDs and no Fox! I’m hoping just for a win without injuries

It’s coming. We’ve been setting it up all season. Running misdirection on it and it’s just a matter of time before we uncork it. I think it happens today.

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Watching the Slowlights, the Lions had a number of uncalled penalties. Additionally, there was an illegal man downfield on one major play.

Yeah, whatever happened to Mitchell?..he’s kund of been a dud.

I mean to be fair to Mitchell, he was always Bro Mart. A guy we were told is good that frankly isn’t very good.

Oh well that’s okay, the scouting department and organization is still batting way above average which is what matters

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