Detroit Lions expecting more work for Jahmyr Gibbs in 2024 NFL season |

I think this could be a good thing on the explosive plays front, but they can’t forget about Montgomery’s contributions.


Think we are just scratching the surface in the passing game. He had a lot of explosive running plays. But surprisingly didn’t have many long catch and runs. He did have some drops. Gotta clean that up.

But Gibbs with the ball in his hands in space with blockers out front. Look out.


I don’t ever remember seeing a team with better downfield blocking than what our guys are doing now

Rams 'greatest show on turf" years?

Our guys are winning at the margins and that is one of the main ways we do it. It’s not just one guy, it’s all of them.


With the way Jamo and Gibbs can fly with our oline and WR blocking. It’s really hard to defend. And if the defense starts sitting on these quick throws…pump and go time deep!

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Doesn’t say, “in the run game”.
Gibbs is a WEAPON. If nobody else picks up the production of Josh Reynolds, I think we can count on Gibbs.

Were so good in the offseason I’m still trying to figure out how we loss any games. Or blew a 20 point the championship game.

Good point.

Guys, and I’m looking at @stephenboyd57 in particular, no more optimism on this 2024 team. Tone it way down don’t want to upset a few here so they don’t have to keep reminding you of too much fanaticism on a fan message board.

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I want to win as much as anyone here, I’m just one that believes nothing is a given and you still need to put in the work. Winning isn’t something you take for granted.

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just having a little fun.

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Cameron Sutton and Kindle Vildor–starting CBs.


That’s was part of it, but you seem to be missing part of it :thinking:

For our offense to take the next step I thought Ben Johnson needed to do the following.

  1. Get Gibbs more involved in the passing game.
  2. Establish Jamo as the #2 WR.
  3. No more turd quarters.

That pun is so brilliant I am kicking myself for not coming up with it myself! Well done!

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