Detroit Lions Free Agent Tracker Updates

So this is the updated FA tracker for the Lions. Who they have gained and lost. (Not including those they retained)

Note these are all the player the lions have released since league new year 2023 except those players that signed to other teams including UFL teams since their release are not included.

Why is Tracy Walker still available?

Post achilles he just aint any good anymore IMO… i think he’s looking at vet minimum or retirement. Teams saw that 2023 film that lead to his benching.

He’s been working on an impersonation. Once Tracy has his impersonation of a good football player down pat he will then meet with GMs.

Interesting that we had 4 members retire when we were already one of the youngest teams in the league.

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It’s not out of the question that he returns, but he is at that point in free agency where most teams are content to see what the draft brings and plug holes afterwards as needed, unless he’s willing to sign a vet minimum deal with no real guarantees. There’s still a lot of viable free agent options out there still, but it’s a waiting game right now. I’m sure Holmes is in contact with a couple dozen guys right now if just to keep tabs.


why isn’t Brock Wright on the ‘lost’ list?

Because he may not be lost.

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I had no idea Benito jones signed with Miami. I was expecting to hear news of a 1-2 year deal any day now

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Yea that was pretty early in the FA period.

Also note. Jones and Vaiti haven’t officially retired yet but are expected too.

As is Alualu might move him over.

Im am still surprised to see Jacobs, Walker, and W harris, and c harris. They are top 250 according and to PFF they may sign after the draft to a team that needs them.

Everyone else is a Practice squad player thats gonna have to fight for a spot.

Benito held his own for us last year… but once we signed Reader… Benito was a goner.

Reader and Bromart are the 2 nose tackles.

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Thought Benito would take the spot of ayalullu and the big fella from the cowboys and all the other non names we were playing towards the end of the year

Jones <<< Reader
Alualu/ Buggs <<< Bro Mart.

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He may just need the extra off-season. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get him on a one year prove it deal.