Detroit Lions' Jahmyr Gibbs sits with hamstring injury, 'right where he should be' so far

I dunno. Archane is on a team with Waddle, Tyreek Hill, and Mostert and he’s still uber-productive.

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Achane is on IR.


Also, did say that gibbs himself wont if he will be ready till friday to play or not

Cant blame him, hammys are notoriously a bitch of an injury

Fact is they haven’t needed him (or Campbel or Jamo) to beat these last couple teams.

It’s very weird to draft a guy in the 1st round and not need them but that’s where we are.

Maybe they’re developing these guys to be the next cornerstones of the franchise the way some teams have done with their QBs. I dunno but so many unusual things this regime does works.

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100% guarantee it. develop & see what they can handle as they go, with intention of cornerstone over time.

Developing 'em v hiring Brocker-type


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