Detroit Lions land help at premium positions in ESPN’s new 2-round mock draft

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Cooper Dejean
Jalynn Polk

Another Den mock

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I would not be upset with those 2 picks.

I still think they go CB-OLine first 2 picks. But sometimes the board picks for you. So depending on who is available you gotta go with it.

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I’m torn at the WR position. I know we need an X. Brennen Rice and Polk are two 2nd round possibilities. However, I keep coming back to Xavier Legette. Watch tape of Polk, tape of Rice, then tape of Legette. It’s like night and day- like watching a superhero amongst mere mortals. He looks like Superman out there amidst top SEC talent. Just flat running away from everyone. He’s a high-pointing alpha bully like AJ Brown with super elite game speed. He won’t be there in Round 2. Heck, he may not even be there at 29. I’m torn because CB, DL and OL are greater needs IMO, but man…XL is tremendously alluring.


Yeah Legette seems like a Lion.

He played QB in HS for 2 years (late starter)

Switched to WR when he got to college.

Lost both parents within 6 months of each other.

Dealt with covid during this. Only had 400 yards total in the 1st 4 seasons.

Finally got his shot to break out and absolutely dominated. He just runs away from SEC defensive backs. My comp for him is a faster AJ Brown. He is still learning the position so his ceiling is yet to be seen. His route running has shown great improvement. It is already pretty decent but he shows potential to become really good in this area. He is tall, fast, beast mode strong, and is just getting started.

He has been through absolute hell. He is stronger for it and just hitting his stride. He was built through adversity just like this team.

I think a trade will be required to get him unless we take him at 29. Buffalo just because a possibility at pick 28. He is my wr5 in this draft (using lions preferred traits). I take him over AD Mitchell for sure

He would fit perfect your looking at Branch two but who is faster. If we can move up an get Xavier Legette WR I would say it was perfect draft.

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Let’s say…

Kool Aid or Cooper fall… we take one-

Cooper and Carlton (extended) at CB with Moseley and Vildor outside.

Iffy and Branch at S with Kerby backing up

Amik in slot

That’s a talented DB room

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Then imagine OG/C in 3, and trade back up to 4 to get another…

Van Pran

Not a bad long term inexpensive interior OL, extend Decker and mega extend Sewell.

I could definitely see Legette being the pick. I do worry some about the late breakout as the track record is not great for those guys. But you summarized the reasons well and we went for a late breakout in Jamo.

And he has clutch PR skills. Maybe even KR

No doubt XL over AD Mitchell. Mitchell is completely off my board after watching him throw that tantrum during the Texas vs Washington semi-final game. It was Antonio Brown/Terrell Owens prima donna, get-me-the-damn-ball type stuff. No way does this Lions team need a me-first, ego guy. XL looks like a top 15 talent in a very rich WR class. He could be there at 29.

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Dejean and Legette would be a dream come true but I doubt we’ve got enough juice to move that far up. XL may not even make it out of the first round!

It’s a real concern for me too… But the kid showed he can play this year. Just wish he had done something prior.

So Daniel Jeremiah’s just released top 50 board includes 12 WR, none of whom is named Xavier Legette.

So according to DJ, Legette is no better than WR 13 ?!? That’s nuts to me.


Someone’s gonna fall to round 3 that shouldn’t be there