Detroit Lions may have prevented Terrion Arnold from going to division rival


I think about 30 people brought this up in the draft thread, so yeah, it’s definitely possible.

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The packers would be scary if they’d drafted branch and Arnold.


Tom Grossi’s reactions this year and last year when the lions traded in front of the packers to get Branch and Arnold are GOLD


Jamo too

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Jamo 2022

Branch 2023

Arnold 2024

It’s a yearly tradition!


Dallas wanted to move that pick. There were three teams also on the phone besides us, that’s why we had to give up so much. So, I don’t think the Packers were close to getting Terrion.

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That’s the way I view it. The “point chart” says we overpaid. I say show me anyone here with our desperate need at the position that wouldn’t have traded our 1st and 3rd rounder to get Arnold going into the draft.


I didn’t realize they did that with Jamo. At this point Brad is just trolling the Packers on an annual basis lol

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Anyone see anything from the Cowboys war room or anything else on the interwebs that might intimate what teams were trying to trade into that spot and for whom? Wonder if the Ravens wanted to move up. Yes, they raved about Wiggins, but once someone you really want is taken, well then you talk about “getting your guy” which is a
draftspeak for “the top guy on our board” (when we picked).